Milling Services

Our company provides milling services for two types: 2D CNC and 3D CNC. We have new milling equipment that can process the surface and create even the most complex threads. We can make both 2D and 3D vector images on a tree.




Our company performs two types of milling operations CNC 2D and CNC 3D. We have new milling machines that can process the surface, creating even the most complex engravings. We can perform both two-dimensional and three-dimensional vector drawings on a tree.

Thanks to the modern 3D milling method, the undercut takes place in three planes at once. Accuracy, speed, lack of defects, subtlety of execution are just some of the characteristics of this method of milling operations. In addition, 3D milling can process not only wooden surfaces. Aluminum and brass can also be milled efficiently using this type of technology.

Using 3D CNC engraving, we use special machines with program control. During manual milling, the risk of error and defect is quite high due to the human factor. Practical program management eliminates inaccuracies and errors. Therefore, the customer can be sure that he will receive furniture made with high quality and with love.

We make furniture for home and office. Furnish the kitchen, living room, bedroom and children’s room. We will fulfill all your wishes precisely and on time.


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